Domenica Chardonnay


Grown on a south facing slope, the fruit is hand picked lightly crushed, and basket pressed. The heaviest solids are briefly settled out by gravity, then the juice transferred to barriques awaiting the start of fermentation.

Domenica Wines Roussanne Marsanne


A classic blend of rhone valley whites, these varieties are all about texture. Vinification is similar to the chardonnay, though the juice is extracted and settled more carefully, due to the phenolic nature of these varieties, and in order to display the purity of their exotic aromatics.

Domenica Shiraz


The shiraz is grown from one end of the site to the other. This means half is on the southern slope of the ridge, and half on the north. Fermennted separately in small batches, the differences are dramatic, and present wonderful blending options.

Domenica Wines Ergo Sum Red Wine

Ergo Sum

Initially this was the wine made in the joint venture between Peter Graham, Rick Kinsbrunner, and Michel Chapoutier. Peter now solely produces this wine, with only tiny amounts kept for Australia.

Coming in 2015: Domenica Nebbiolo

The single acre of nebbiolo is grown in a cool, protected southerly pocket on the corner of shale at the southern end off the property. This soil holds more water than the granite, allowing the typically large canopy to maintain its integrity throughout the summer, usually without supplementary irrigation. Tiny yields of three or four bunches per vine develop the intensity of fruit required to make nebbiolo with beautiful structure, and a deep complex core of ripe fruit.

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