The Vintage

The wines exhibit the power and finesse often associated with the wines of the Beechworth granite.

Shiraz, roussanne and marsanne have a natural affinity with warm dry summers, granitic soils, slopes and altitude. Beechworth has a deserved international reputation for chardonnay, and Nebbiolo occupies the steep, cool acre of shale at the south eastern corner of the property. The fruit is grown for quality, ten acres of hand tended, low cropped vines annually produce around 1500 cases of wine. The whole philosophy behind the growing and making of these wines is simplicity.

For a wine to go beyond varietal expression, and assert its own identity requires a site which can dominate the various manipulations the fruit undergoes throughout the process. Vitculture revolves around processes which concentrate expression – water, weed control, canopy management, crop level, and the health of the heart of it all, the soil.

Beechworth wineries in North East victoria


After running the gauntlet of several frosts, a good, wet spring was followed by a mild start to summer. January was very hot and dry, though good soil moisture levels allowed the vines to thrive without damage to the canopy or maturing fruit. The weather cooled from veraison onward, and rain at the right times allowed a beautiful crop to ripen to perfection. The wines are similar in lescharacter to those of 2013, though with a little more restraint, and less exhuberant fruit.

Beechworth wineries 2013 vintage


Was realtively hot and very dry. Good viticultural practices were requires to maintain a healthy canopy. Low crop levels, careful weed and water management and a high proportion of vines on the protected southern slopes allowed Domenica to produce wines with extraordinary richness and great cellar potential, but without the heat and jamminess often associated with warmer years.

Beechworth wineries Domenica Wine2 2012 vintage


Marked the first release of the Domenica Wines. This was a classic Beechworth growing season, reminiscent of many years in the 90’s. Good summer rainfall, and mild temperatures led to a relatively late harvest, with beautifully conditioned fruit from healthy vines. The wines exhibit the power and finesse often associated with the wines of the Beechworth granite.

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